Kia Niro 64KW

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Kia Niro 64KW

Fully Electric 282 miles on single charge

Rent for £260 per week:

Included in the rental:

  • Free Servicing, Maintenance & MOT’s
  • Free fully comprehensive insurance
  • Free road tax & licensing
  • Breakdown cover included
  • 4,000 Miles per month. Excess miles are charged at 15p per mile.
  • No Congestion Charge till December 2025

To Rent this Vehicle you require the following:

  • Minimum 6 Months Term
  • £500 Deposit Down Payment
  • First week’s payment in advance
  • PCO Licence, Drivers Licence & a Copy of your DBS Check
  • You must be over 23 years of age
  • No more than 6 Points on your Drivers Licence
  • No more than 1 fault accident in the last 3 years
  • No more than 2 accidents (any type) in the last 3 years

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