The Do’s and Don’ts As A PCO Car Hire Driver

The Do’s and Don’ts As A PCO Car Hire Driver

Before you officially start work as a PCO car hire driver, there are several things you need to know about conducting yourself. Here are the do’s and don’ts of a PCO car driver.

PCO Car Driver Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t Drive In The Bus Lane

Unlike black cabs or buses, you are not allowed to drive in the bus lane. This includes both picking up passengers and dropping them off. A PCO car hire driver does not have the same privileges and should always stick to the regular lanes in the road.

Be Courteous and Polite

The better your rating as a PCO car hire driver the more business you are likely to get. For example, Uber has a rating system where passengers can rate their journey and you as a driver. If you’re kind and polite they will give you 5-star ratings.

Likewise, if you’re rude this will lead to lower ratings and less business. Even if you’re busy and there are tough circumstances on the road, remain friendly at all times.

Be Caring and Considerate

Every time you have a passenger in your car, it is your responsibility as a PCO car hire driver to make them feel safe and comfortable. This means asking them if they would like the radio on or offering them some water. Bottles of water can be especially handy during hot weather or when passengers are feeling unwell.

Thoughtful gestures such as these will also enhance your rating as a PCO car driver. Apart from more clients, this could lead to generous tips and recommendations.

Other Things To Consider As A PCO Car Hire Driver

Before you start driving on the road and transporting passengers to various locations, you should complete a DBS test. This is an integral part of the PCO car driver application process. By purchasing a one-off payment of £60 you will be placed on the update service which will keep track of your criminal record every year.

In addition, you need to pass a medical test that will cost around £80. The test assesses your hearing and response time to ensure it is safe for you to be a PCO driver.

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