The Benefits of PCO Car Hire

The Benefits of PCO Car Hire

PCO stands for Private Carriage Office and it is a department of Transport of London which is a necessary requirement that all bearers need a permit regardless of whether you are leasing a vehicle or are an autonomous driver who has a basic vehicle rental. The PCO car hire states that the vehicle available to hire must be under 10 years old and should agree to severe emanation prerequisites. 

Anyone who holds a valid UK drivers licence with a minimum of three years of driving experience and the right to work in the UK can apply for a PCO licence. You will also need a few other documents before being able to apply for a PCO car hire.

PCO car hiring has various benefits especially for freelance or beginner drivers to start their career. Some of these advantages include: 

  • Minimum commitment: this means you can change your mind and hand back the car at any point or swap/change from time to time after your contract period.
  • When using a PCO car hire, you are free of additional charges, from maintenance to the professional inspection of the vehicle.
  • PCO car hire is often all inclusive. It covers your private hire insurance cost and vehicle service.
  • There is a large variety of cars to choose from with electric cars being the most expensive and the Hybrid being the most affordable.
  • Freedom to choose your own hours. As a PCO driver you will have free reign when it comes to shift patterns and working hours. You can choose when you log on and work, giving you a lot of freedom.
  • Free training: as a beginner, most PCO rental companies will provide a training course for free. PCO companies allow beginners to apply to a driver development program in order to get professional assistance to get the best outcome to a successful business.

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